If you are receiving warnings about your email account being full or close to full, please follow these steps to rectify the issue.


If you are accessing your email using the POP method you should edit your email account and look for an option like "Remove email from server after x days" and ensure this is selected with a fairly low number of days. eg. 5 days.

This will ensure that after you retrieve your email it will be removed from the server (but kept on your device) and will mean your email account will not over-fill.


IMAP allows you to synchronise email across multiple devices and relies on all email you wish to retain being stored on the server. If you are using IMAP you may quickly find your email account filling up, in which case you can either delete large messages such as those with attachments or back up your mail offline to an archive on your computer.

We can assist with further instruction over the phone or in person, but charges for our time will apply as the setup of your devices is a little outside our remit.

If you feel you require a more industry strength email solution, we suggest taking a look at Microsoft Exchange which is available from numerous online sources such as http://www.telstra.com.au/business-enterprise/cloud-services/applications/exchange-online/